Too often players think that in getting a gadget, device or training aid they can “buy” a better game. In general, you can’t. Gadgets don’t replace good technique and smart practice. There is an exception to this rule. There’s one thing you can buy that if used properly can make you a better player: alignment rods. (Were you hoping for something more exclusive?) A pair of alignment sticks should be standard equipment for every golfer.

The Best Training Aid You Can Buy

Alignment sticks are used in nearly every drill from the full swing to the bunker to around the green and on the putting green. They can be laid on the ground to point to the target and ensure alignment of the feet, shoulders and clubface. They can be inserted into the grass vertically to monitor movement of the hips, torso and head. They can be stuck diagonally into the ground to guide the swing plane. Alignment rod can be laid parallel to each other to indicate club path. Simply put, alignment rods are the universal golf training aid.

If you have ever been to the driving range at a PGA Tour event you will notice how many of the pros use alignment sticks as part of warmup and practice sessions. The reason is because it is very easy to become misaligned, and start making small compensations, even for the best players in the world. Alignment sticks help prevent this aim creep.

Driveway Markers are the Same and Cheaper Than Golf Alignment Sticks

A quick note on cost: don’t buy brand name alignment sticks especially designed for golf. Instead, look on Amazon or at Home Depot for “Driveway Markers” (pictured above). These are driveway markets are exactly the same as “official” golf alignment sticks but costs less than a third of the price. Golfers generally overpay for gadgets. Also avoid foldable alignment sticks as these are not straight.

Make alignment sticks part of your standard equipment. Carry them in your bag (they are light enough even if you carry you own bag). Use them on the range. Use them when doing short game block practices. Use them with your drills.

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