Good chipping and pitching from 5 to 35 yards (we call it the finesse wedge shot) provides the best opportunity for most golfers to lower scores and enjoy the game. Utilizing tour-proven techniques this four-session class provides a detailed instruction in finesse wedge shots:

  • Finesse wedge fundamentals for shots around the green
  • Playing uphill, downhill and sidehill lies
  • Hitting out of rough and thin/hardpan lies
  • Executing low, medium, and high and very high-trajectory shots
  • Executing low, medium, and high and very high-trajectory shots
  • Building touch and feel for distance control and fly vs. roll
  • Choosing the right type of shot for different conditions
  • Finesse wedge drills to reinforce proper technique and ingrain the right “feel”
  • Practice and warmup strategies
  • Finesse wedge game for skill and mental development
  • Wedge and short game club recommendations
Chipping and Pitching – Getting Up and Down Around the Green Class Series of 4 60-minutes Sessions

This class is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced Golfers ages 12 through adult. For beginning golfers this class serves as the follow-on to the Introduction to the Short Game Class. Intermediate and advanced golfers can enroll to build up their chipping and pitching skill and expand their shot repertoire using tour-proven techniques. If you are not certain which is the right class, ask and we can direct you.

The exact dates of all four lessons are available on the “Info” tab on the schedule for each class. Students need to attend the first class. If they cannot attend any subsequent class due to a personal scheduling conflict they may attend a makeup class the following month on a space available basis.

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Included with this class is a 60-page Putting
instruction book detailing technique, drills,
games and strategies.


All sessions will be held at the Shoreline
Golf Links in Mountain View, CA.


$225 per player for all four 60-minute

Instructor to Student Ratio:

Our classes average a 1 to 4 instructor to student


Students are encouraged to bring an 8 iron,
9 iron and all their wedges. We will
provide clubs for those without.

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