Instructor-supervised Weekly Practice Session

Join our weekly group practice sessions supervised by a Short Game Artists Instructor. Practice, putting, chipping, pitching and all shots around the green. Players can focus on technique, skill development and mental development. Sessions will include block practice, random practice and game development. Practice smart.

Every Thursday evening from 5:00 to 6:00pm. Note that these sessions are intended as practice and should not be substituted for class or private instruction.


Single Weekly Practice Session

  • Single Weekly Practice Session


Monthly Practice Session Subscription

  •  Monthly Pass Subscription Attend all weekly sessions.


Short Game Artists teach the same techniques and strategies as those used by many of the best players on tour today.

Tracy Cone, former Tour player

Short Game Artists clinic gave me some great tools to improve my game. Preparing for and executing each swing --physically and mentally -- without over-thinking the process has taken at least one stroke per hole off my score. A true game-changer.

Noah, former high handicapper

I highly recommend the Short Game Artists Golf Academy. The class provided individualized hands-on chipping (“finesse wedge shots”), putting and bunker instructions. How many times have you taken golf lessons only to forget what was taught afterwards? With Short Game Artists I was able to use the clear instructions from the illustrated Coursebook to practice between each weekly class reinforcing what I learned. My handicap went down by 7 strokes, and a good part of this was Short Game Artists.


I am a 4-handicap golfer, but my short game has always been my weakest point. I attended Short Game Artists Golf Academy, and to be honest I wasn't expecting to learn much as I had already watched numerous instructional videos on the short game. However, the instructors were patient, knowledgeable and passionate about the game and the teaching was tailored to my needs. The drills, and the information booklet were incredibly informative and offered a new perspective on short game technique and practice. The improvement was immediate, and my playing partners noticed the difference in my confidence and execution. I highly recommend the program offered by Short Game Artists for anyone looking to improve their short game and take their golf skills to the next level.


Short Game Artists recently did a putting clinic with my high school boys varsity golf team. We had been struggling with our putting. The very next day, we shot our best score of the entire season and the boys couldn't stop talking about how the clinic gave them the confidence to play/putt better.

Bruce Jaffe, Varsity Golf Coach, Mountain View High School

This course gave me significantly more understanding and confidence in putting, chipping, and out of the sand! 5 out of 5 stars.


Exemplary instructor commitment and patience!


My short game is much better thanks to Short Game Artists. I've taken a lot of private lessons over the years, but this was the most effective.

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