Our Approach

Hitting a short game shot successfully once on a practice green is very
different than having the confidence and skill to hit that shot consistently
while playing on the course, especially under pressure. With busy lives players
have to make the most of the practice time they have available. The Short
Game Artists Golf Academy approach integrates the tour-proven teaching
methods combined with the latest coaching and mental game development.
Our students learn not only how to hit a shot, but how to play consistently,
under pressure and creatively. Perhaps most important, from beginner to
advanced players, we pass onto our students the passion and enjoyment of
the short game.

Learning How to Play

Our approach is to integrate technique with skill development and mental development:


We start with sound, tour-proven fundamental technique for each type of shot. This may include stance, face angle, proper backswing and follow through, contact point, etc. As any shot around the green can be in a variety of lie conditions (for example short grass or long grass, fluffy or “hardpan” bunker lie, etc.) our techniques enable a level of forgiveness such that even an imperfectly struck shot can produce good or great results. For each type of shot we teach a basic technique and then with minor adaptations that same basic technique can be used to play from different lies, conditions or shot shapes. We strive to make the seemingly complex parts of golf simple, easy and intuitive.

Skill Development

Skill development is developing both judgement (how far will this ball roll when it lands on the green?) and touch (how big of swing do I need to make the ball land on my target spot?) It also includes developing a sense for the right type of shot to play (how should I play this downhill bunker shot?) as well as developing a sense of creativity.

Mental Development

Taking what you learned on the practice green to the course and performing under pressure is not an innate ability for most. Rather, this is a learned mental skill. Our classes include teaching mental development, allowing the student to leave all the technique “details” behind, focusing on the target and “just doing.” More than just how to hit a particular short game shot, our students develop an intuitive sense of how to play and execute it.


All Short Game Artist Golf Academy concepts are used by the best short game players in the world across the world. Director of instruction Mark Diamond has studied directly under James Seickmann, Golf Digest’s #1 Short Game instructor who has taught more than 100 tour players, including many of the tour winners. Our students learn the same techniques and strategies used by these best short game players in the world.

Even Average Physically Skilled Players Can Have a Great Short Game

Very few amateur players have the physical capabilities to drive the ball 300 yards. However, the short game is the great equalizer. Even students with average physical capabilities can have a great short game. The classes feature a repertoire of shot-making from different conditions enabling students to play smart around and on the green.

Course Materials

More than just learning how to hit a shot, our aim is to develop these capabilities into a natural part of each student’s game, long after the lesson is over. We want our students to build the right “feel” for each shot in order to develop mental skills and to practice effectively and with intelligence.” For each class we provide course materials that allow our student to practice what they have learned, take it on the course and play consistently with confidence.

Each Class Includes:


Building good technique or fixing a fault is easiest and fastest when the students utilize a drill to create and reinforce the right “feel.” For each area we offer a variety of different drills to ingrain good technique and reinforce the right feel.


Golf games bridge technique and skill development with actually playing well on the course. They provide a fun and engaging way to learn how to play under pressure in real world conditions. We detail a number of games within and outside of instruction.

Practice Plans

The sad truth is that most players’ practice time is wasted because they spend their time focusing on the wrong area. We provide our students with detailed practice plans focusing on block practice around specific drills, skill develoment exercises and game playing for mental development. Many golfers do not need to practice more. To see real impact, they have to practice smarter.

Course Book

Each class includes a detailed course book containing technique, drills, skill development, games and practice plans.

Bring Out the Short Game Artist in Every Player

Combining technique, skill, shot selection and visualization moves the short game from being about simply mechanics. With training and practice it becomes a type of artistry. We believe that every player – from the beginner who has just taken up the game to the low handicapper all the way through the tour professional – has a short game artist within them. We help you find that artist and bring him or her out.

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